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The Wealth Directory

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations working in the wealth sector worldwide is creating the opportunity to explain your proposition to organisations and wealth professionals around the world who are looking for a solution to a specific client need.

Stephen Fern, explains how the world's trusted advisors are using the Wealth Directory to share their wisdom and intellectual capital and profile their proposition to a global audience.

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Our latest programmes

Foundations: The Trust Practitioner’s Dilemma - Click to view

Foundations: The Trust Practitioner’s Dilemma

Nick Poole
Mossack Fonseca

Running time: 16:51

Bahamian Foundations - Click to view

Bahamian Foundations

Michael Paton
Lennox Paton

Running time: 10:35

New trust regime in Jersey: (part 2b) - Provisions re Reserved Powers - Click to view

New trust regime in Jersey: (part 2b) - Provisions re Reserved Powers

Meiklejohn / Binnington / Barbour
Ogier / Mourants / Bedell Cristin

Running time: 4:42

Jersey Foundations Law - Click to view

Jersey Foundations Law

Julian Hayden, Director
Hawksford Group

Running time: 1:02

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